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What’s The Difference Between Urban Swagger & Country Corny?

Consider this your primer on the do’s and don’ts of urban fashion, so that your urban swag doesn’t become country swamp. I know that may sound a little drastic, and maybe even a little stereotypical, but the fact of the matter is many of us walk a thin line between what is urban hot and what is urban not. It’s very easy to cross the line from what we believe is trendsetting and the urban fashion arena to becoming an outcast with little sense of style, fitting in only with your local dairy farmers or sheepherders.

One of the reasons for this is that one of the major playing pieces in both wardrobes is lots and lots of denim. Where the major difference comes in is in the choice of styling and colors. With popular hip-hop or urban fashion we focus on the comfortable pieces that blend well with a little bit of bling or other accessories. Well the problem is if we don’t properly accessorize, and overdo the colors, we fall into the so-called country bumpkin style of dress. Not unlike the urban culture, farmers and other country folk have simple staples of their wardrobe with the focus primarily on durability and flexibility. These pieces include white T-shirts and denim jeans that we in the hip-hop culture consider our own. Where we purchase these items for style and statement, typical rural residents purchase these same items because they generally do not care about fashion. An interesting quandary when you think about it: often times the exact same articles of clothing are being bought by two different groups of people for two entirely different reasons.

Some might say that the average country boy has a swagger all of his own, but if you ask any urban fashionista or trendsetter about their style sense, they will profess to own it and point out to how it makes them different from the rest of the world – even though there is a guy on a tractor several miles away who is quite possibly wearing the exact same outfit – minus the fashionable little accessories that we used to embellish our style.

So what is the real difference between urban swagger and country corny? Well, it all boils down to our own personal attitudes towards her sense of style, our personality and the way that we live our lives. The typical urbanite that one might say it has a bit of swagger about themselves, is likely to project a sense of confidence and boldness that usually only found in the urban arena. However, the average country boy may have a bit of swagger about himself as well, showing a sense of independence and confidence all of his own. As city dwellers, we simply see this as “country bumpkin chic” or just plain comical. We see a fellow from the country who walks with a great deal of assurance, and we think cowboy; seeing this guy walking in his jeans and cowboy boots instantly reminds us of some old Western movie. Although he may be wearing much of the same clothing that we consider cool and chic, the style in which she wears the clothing and the accessories that he chooses – like the boots – differentiates him greatly from our classier urban gear.

At the end of the day, it’s not really the clothing that makes the man, it’s the man that makes the clothing; how you wear the clothing that you choose, and the attitude that you project while wearing those articles of clothing are the main factors that classifies you as smartly dressed or just another guy with a nice pair of jeans. With the proper level of confidence, the swagger automatically shows itself and becomes evident in your every movement. So the real difference between the guy or girl with urban swagger and the guy or girl who might be considered country campy is really just a matter of choice and location. Either can be stylish in their own ways, and it is really just a matter of who they’re trying to appeal to at any given time.

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